Solving Algorithm advice

I wanted to find out how much of in depth knowledge one should acquire in solving algorithms if someone wants to be a front end developer (not a full stack developer). Is solving of algorithm skill limited only for preparation of interviews for front end developer positions? How much of this algorithm solving skill is utilized in the life of a front end developer (who will use JavaScript and the other front end dev frameworks) on a day to day basis? Thank you so much in advance .

An algorithm is just formulaic way of solving a problem. You need these skills as a JavaScript developer.

The more in-depth ones, maybe not often. Data structures often comes more in play than algorithms, unless you are working on developing a framework, not using one.

However, eventually you’ll run into some performance issues that requires you to debug and optimize or write something very custom and not cookie cutter, and that algorithm knowledge will come into play, whether in understanding code or designing new code.

Algorithms problems also just help make you form better habits. You have to consider edge cases, you have to understand requirements, and you have write organized code. Those are all things applicable to being a coder and problem solver.