Started Learning to Code 3 Days Ago

Dear all,

Hope everyone is doing well.

This is my first post here and am very excited to be part of the community here.

I am a huge fan of coding. However, I have been pursuing social science all the while, to the point that I am currently doing my PhD in social sciences at NYU. And one thing more, I am in my thirties. Heck, mid-thirties.

I know, this sounds like I have got little chance :smile:

During the C-19 lockdown, I attempted to build a website for one of my projects. I spent hundreds of dollars on Wordpress as I was trying to build a website with drag and drop tools.

WordPress got me excited as I was able to customize a few templates. But then, I found myself wanting for some more customization ability. I then bought a couple of extensions and plug-ins in the hope that I would be able to do things that I could not do (e…g, to make the website more dynamic and make menu-bar more lively).

After a few weeks of trials and errors, I learned that with a Wordpress drag and drop tools I was able to make a static website–and a beautiful one too, but it was like my hands were tied with a rope and was made to work. What it did was it gave me a feel for what it would really be like to be a software engineer.

Fast forward three years, I have still not learned to code. Well, there are a lot of reasons as to why: for one, I was stuck in Afghanistan for two years. For a year, Afghanistan was on the verge of falling to the Taliban and things were going south for everyone, and then it did fall to the Taliban, after which, well, love and passion was the last thing I was worried about.

However, now with my first semester over in my PhD, I am all set to learn to code. And I am determined. Coding is hard, I know, but I have fought much much harder battles, trust me.

So, my goal is simple: learn html, css, and java scrip to be able to develop my own website.

I am not going to be going after any courses or tutorials. I think freecodecamp offers everything I need. Also, I don’t really have the luxury to look for several options. I have to continue my PhD and work part time as well to be able to support my family.

That said, this is what I’ve done during past three-four days:

  • Built the cat photo app
  • Built the cafe menu
  • Built color markers
  • Built the registration form

Let’s see if I will be able to complete the Survey Form in the weekend.

Again, very excited to be here. Please excuse your brother if you come across many typos in the post.



Hi guys,

I attempted to develop the survey form today. I did develop it, but it looks very ugly.

Here is what I’ve made:

Clearly, this look very ugly.

We are given choice to style it however we want to. Which means there is no pressure lol. However, I will be working tomorrow to improve the ugly look a bit.

Lastly, a few tests were not passed, such as adding ids in a few labels. I will pass those tests tomorrow too.

Happy coding everyone!

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I thought I would complete the Survey From yesterday, but could not pass a few requirements. Just completed it and passed all requirements.

I do not realize much about how important various things such as “value”, “name”, and “ids” are. I do realize these are important aspects when it comes collecting data correctly, assigning different fields their unique ids. But how important each of these are, I reckon I will learn in the future.

But yeah, here is the screenshot. I played a bit with css as well. Still looks ugly, but is an improved version.


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I completed the tribute page and the technical documentation projects, after completing the challenges leading to the projects. While I feel good about what I have been learning, I have many questions, especially regarding best practices in the field. I noticed the same thing can be done in several ways, and I wonder if one or a couple would be the proper way to do it in terms of search engine optimization and speed in loading time for end users.

I will be asking some of my questions in the forum. Below are the projects I completed:

And this:

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You are doing great. I am also in a similar position. But I don’t have the mental strength like you. Things are getting very hard for me. Anyway, all the best!

Hi Harshit,

Thank you so much for the best wishes. Sorry to hear things are getting hard for you. Let me know if you want to have a chat.

All the best,

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Hey, I sent you a message. Did you receive it?

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Hey Harshit, yes I did and replied back. Let’s be in touch, brother.

I just completed the LANDING PAGE project. Below is a screenshot of it and a few thoughts:

  • It took me longer than I anticipated. This is a problem with coding. You want to give it one hour, but before you know it, you’ve already spent 3 hours.

  • The page looks ugly. Even more so, the html and css files. While I code, I keep wondering if I am doing it the hard way. I feel like the way I code is very ugly. I think it will take months and even years for me to become comfortable with how my code looks and to be confident that it is written and organized in a neat way. ’

  • I’ve already completed 80% of the responsive web design’s HTML and CSS problems and projects. It makes me a little nervous to see I am completing it. After I complete it, I think I will develop a few projects with just html and css before I begin JavaScript. I need to consolidate my knowledge of the HTML and CSS and to make sure I am comfortable with the basics.

Best of luck, everyone.


It took you three days to nearly complete the course? :melting_face:

Have confidence. It looks good to me, but I am new to coding myself. So, I don’t have any professional insight.

Hey Kanishka, Please re-check your DM.

I think it took me 14 days.

Thank you. I appreciate it.

Hey Harshit, sure. I will write back to you as soon as I post this.

I completed the responsive web design course just now.

I loved working on the last project, the personal portfolio project. I opened the link to the example page, and then developed mine in html and css. Then I checked the requirements and brought changes.

I am starting to feel a little bit comfortable with flex-box, grids, and measurement units such as rem, em, px, and fr and where to use which one. Also with concepts such as different types of position.

By a little bit I literally mean a little bit. I think with more practice and review of concepts, my confidence will grow.

I cannot wait to start the JavaScript course. However, before I start, I will practice html and css a little bit more, for a few days, and will develop a few simple projects and will review and practice key concepts and principles.

I aim to write a thread here on the forum in which I will describe key concepts in my own words and will ask you all about the extent to which I understand the concepts accurately.

Thank you all.


I started learning JavaScript. I initially wanted to solidify my understanding of the html and css fundamentals, but knowing that I almost know nothing if I don’t know JS, I started the course.

I am learning the basics: data types, arrays, functions etc.

My pace is a lot slower compared to html and css because JS is not just a markup language and you don’t get to see the outcome instantly. So you really need to take it slowly and understand the language.

Thus far, my experience in R has come quite a bit handy (to my surprise). Things like data types, arrays, and functions are sort of the same concepts with a different touch and flavor.

I am excited for what’s to come in my JS journey.

I will report back in a few days.




Just completed the Basic JavaScript course. My pace is slower. Doing PhD, part-time job, and a family keep me busy. But I am enjoying the process.

Meanwhile, I am developing the front-end my own website with the help of html and css and looking into other website’s codes to get inspiration, do some copying, and learn.

Looking forward to my learning of JS.


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