Static or Multiple pages?

So I have been MIA from free code camp for a month or more. Unfortunately my severe UC left me hospitalized for a bit, and when you feel like death…looking at code is hard to do. Anyway I’m going to be starting on a website for my brother in law. It’s a Korean restaurant, and I was wondering would it be better for a static page, or a multiple page site? The page would include the menu items, location, contact info, and maybe a few pictures. They do not have a website, and right now have no idea of what they really want.

It makes sense to sit down and discuss what it is they actually want. If the menu, map page, etc are static pages, then it may make sense to have some static pages. If they want to be able to host, for example, reviews, that would be a dynamic page, likely feeding to-from some service (assuming you aren’t creating an entire restaurant review app, as they’re already available).

For the most part, you have a number of static pages, then a couple with dynamic data. Clear as mud?

You’re right about sitting down with them. They have a wall with pictures of a few celebrities that have come in the restaurant. So maybe take those and a gallery page maybe? Just an idea. The biggest thing for me would to be figure out the map part. No experience with api calls

A quick read that might help:

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Awesome! I will give this a read, and save for future use.