Success story - self taught female software engineer


Today I’m a software engineer in a successful Swedish start up with 2+ years of experience as software engineer and a bit more as a freelance developer. I have salary good enough to support my family and myself, the job I really love and I also live in a really nice country.

4 years ago I felt very frustrated working full time, learning to code, applying for jobs with no success.

I graduated from a top university in Moscow, Russia majoring in economy but moved to Turkey right after. I worked that as a CRM executive for a luxury hotel chain (my salary was very miserable though), then as a GM assistant, then as a Deputy IT manager.
I’m glad I did not gave up. And I was lucky enough to encounter the ad my current employer posted on StackOverflow. It was not easy to study, it was not easy to find a job, neither were easy that first months as full time software engineer. But all the struggle was totally worth it.

Learning to code allowed my to get a job I love. It also allowed me to move to a new country that has so many social benefits comparing to other places in the world.

The best thing you could do to your life is to find what you truly love and keep doing it.

My husband and me have started a Youtube channel where we share our experience of moving to and living in Sweden. You can find it here: Zafer Atalay - YouTube


Stories like that keeps many going.

Thanks for sharing.


Well done! Congrats! I’m so happy you are enjoying what you spend your days doing and also able to support your family in a location you love. Bravo!


So happy for you and your family. i am now encouraged to not quit but to keep learning. will definitely visit your youtube channel


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