Not sure what to do about my career

Hello everyone

I am 22 years old and I recently graduated in materials engineering. I’m currently working but I want to continue studying. As you can guess, I want to study something related to software developing/coding. I like it but I’m not sure what to do or even if it’s the right path…

Would you continue working while you study on your own (I already started some courses here on freecodecamp)? Would you go for a Master in Computer Science/Data science/etc.?

I think most people here are from the USA, so maybe I should say that I’m from Europe. Master is cheap but wages are not as crazy as in USA. Moreover, I’m not sure if self-taught developers are well considered in Europe (any experience about that?).

Thanks for the help!

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I know that developers salaries are different in the us because the company I work for said they are only going to hire EU devs from now on because US devs are too expensive. I decided to do a self taught route because it’s cheaper here in the US. Masters and Bachelors are expensive to do and I would have to calculate lost wages into that that would be a lot of lost money too. I think you just try some stuff while you get a job and see if you can hack doing the self taught stuff or even if you would enjoy coding before jumping into a masters to do data science/machine learning. That seems pretty low risk to me but everyone calculates risk differently. Hope you figure it out, good luck.

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