Successfully complete JavaScript course

It been a year when i first started the FCC course. What i can say from someone who doesn’t have any background in CS, JavaScript hurts my brain a lot😭 it’s still hurts, but at least I’d achieve a milestone from knowing nothing and now at least know how to write a ‘function’ lol

It’s been a long and hard journey, sometimes i stuck for more than week for a single problem. I felt bad because i passed the test after googling and see YouTube. Yet after a few days i still can’t comprehend completely although i had read the explanation over and over. Sometimes it baffle me that i can easily understand & passed one challenge but others are so hard to begin with.

Although I finished javaScript, it feel like just I’m started to crawl into the coding world. Someday love it someday hate it. After making decision to make career change (having a terrible burnout from previous work), i still don’t know how coding gonna change my life. But still i decided to focus learning coding because i started to love this (yet there seems uncertainty deep inside me :confused:)

Those who are struggling like me, i hope you guys keep going, because i been struggling for more than half a year. Only the last 4 months i’m able to wake up and consistently learning everyday


Hi @hudarashid87 !

Congrats on your milestone!

Thank you for sharing your story!
It will help a lot of people.

Keep on coding! :grinning:

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