Suggest 5 project for a junior dev job

If you had to suggest 5 projects(react, vanilla) for someone to get a job as a junior developer. what projects would you suggest? and which “technologies” would those projects should include?(like API’s etc)

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What the projects you’ve done are doesn’t really matter. What matter is that you have put significant time and effort into creating things that you are proud of. The important thing is that you are excited to show your work off. You can talk about the challenges that you faced along the way and how you solved them, as well as the decisions that you made and why you made them.

I don’t think that the projects matter that much,
as long as you try to use best practices of collaborative software development, e.g.:

  • plan before you code
  • prioritize tasks
  • use git and github/gitlab
  • write documentation

But this is only the technical part.

I think it is important to also show that you:

  • are eager to learn
  • talk to people
  • ask for feedback
  • are not butt-hurt if people have different opinions
  • love to stretch yourself

Good luck!

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what do you mean with write documentation ??

They mean, write documentation for your projects. A github repo with an empty readme is useless for those looking at your profile.

The projects themselves don’t matter unless you’re gunning for a specific type of company. By building projects, you should be learning about various technologies, patterns, tooling, that will give you a leg up in interviews.

If you have a particular company in mind (or a few) and you’re not sure where to start, looking up their stack might be a good place to go.

In most cases, the people who receive your resume won’t dig into your code.

can you show me a good documentation on a project?

Just for example, I recently out together a full stack starter kit for my own projects.

Since I thought this might be useful for others, I added quite a lot of detail to the

Your projects don’t necessarily need all of this, but you need to think through everything someone would need to know to spin up a version of your work.

If you create a library, then your documentation should describe all the methods you make available.

If you make an API for public use, your documentation should describe every endpoint.

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