Survey form - hope you'll love it

I’m starting to fall in love with these projects. I’ve been working on this survey form for 2 days, yes I know I’m very slow at this.

Please feel free to review and also suggest all the small changes that will improve the design.

[P:S: yet to design the above page for low viewport devices like phones, will finish it soon]

Thank you.

Hi @raghava-as!

I think your form looks good.

A few things.

  • For codepen, you don’t need the doctype, html and head tags.

  • Please keep the javascript in the javascript section.

  • You have a few errors in your html and css that need your attention. Run your code through the html and css analyzers.

Hope that helps!

Hey there @raghava-as! I didn’t review your survey form ((sorry about that :frowning:) but I just wanted to tell you that my development workflow can and will take weeks so don’t feel that your being slow because 2 days for me is fast.

Happy coding!

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Thankyou @jwilkins.oboe. you are the one replying to everyone. Thank you for always helping.

I’ll check out and implement your suggestions asap.

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thank you @Cy499_Studios! That surely inspired my confidence levels.

Wow I like that the form border is glowing!

thank you @hassanuddinishak. :relaxed:

@raghava-as Brother, I think the “submit” button does not fit with the rest of the page because it is very rounded and the font is really small.
Fix the mobile view margins, they are taking up a lot of space.

form {
/*   width: 65%; */
  width: 96%;
.main {
/*   padding: 45px; */
  padding: 1rem;
input {
    box-sizing: border-box;



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Thanks, mate! Yeah I thought I’d make those changes later, so the page is good to visit using all the screen sizes: phones, ipads…yeah thanks to you. I’ll implement it in my code.