Survey Form Project - Feedback would be great!

Hi there,

I just completed my first project, which was to build a survey form, and I’d love it if I could get some feedback on it! I had a lot of fun building this, albeit I spent around a 5 days doing it :joy:

Although, I think one aspect I struggled with a lot was learning how to align things on the page with margins and padding, etc. I feel like as though my code could be structured better, or maybe there are some places where I could condense it down a bit? Let me know what you think!

To me it looks pretty good, congratulations!

I resized the browser screen just to see the behaviour and again, you nailed it!
Since you asked, I have three suggestions:

  1. There is a lot of space above and below the green line, for sure you can make it smaller.
  2. Inside the white area, right at the top, before the text in Mandarin(?) there is also a lot of space there.
  3. The image with the dumplings seems to be a little bellow the image with the text.

Again, overall it looks excelent!

This is very nice. I have just a few accessibility issues to point out.

  • You need to have a label for both the select list and the textarea. Right now you have the question for each of these in a p. Just turn that into a label and be sure to add a for attribute.
  • For the radio button and check box groupings, you need to use a legend for the question instead of a p.
  • All of the content should be in a main element. I would just change the “form-body” div to a main.
  • The h1 should have the lang attribute set to the appropriate language code.
  • Technically, every element id should be unique, so you should give the h2 a different id value so it’s not the same as the h1.

Again, very nice job.

Hi, thank you so much taking the time to write out such a detailed response on where I can improve to make sure my code is compliant with the accessibility standards! I’ll definitely be making those changes as soon as I get the chance to!

Hi there,

Yeah, I was wondering if I left too much blank space so it’s really useful to get a second opinion on it! :joy: Thank you so much for your suggestions, and I’ll be making changes accordingly when I get the chance to!

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