Survey form project -feedback

Hello everyone;
Please take some time and help me to improve my survey form with ur suggestions.
Here is my survey form:-

Thanks in advance.

Hello there~!

As a heads up, your project and code (both here, and on your tribute page, are very similar to the example project provided by FreeCodeCamp. I would strongly encourage you to take the time to really make the project your own - the purpose of the projects is to demonstrate your learning, showcase your growth, and add some personal flair.

I want to remind you that in order to claim certificates, you must accept the Academic Honesty Policy on your profile. Submitting these projects as they currently are may result in your certificate being revoked, in compliance with the Academic Honesty Policy. Please take some time to review your projects and ensure that the code you use is code you have written yourself. :slight_smile:

ok i will try to make it again with different way .Actually, i was trying to make the same stype pen as told in the sample.Sorry for it.

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Project seems copied as provided for reference.If your beginner then do try to learn from the code but don’t copy the code as it is.Do some changes like padding,background color,margin etc…remmeber academic honesty is very important thing…
Keep Coding :heart:

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Can u please give feedback on project 2