Team work. Let's create something cool =)

I think it will be great to have experience working in a team. Even of 2-3 people.
I believe we will face some typical challenges(merge conflicts, decision about architecture etc.)
I have few ideas of full stack projects.
Each of them, I guess, will not take long (probably 7-10 days to implement).
And if you have ideas of projects - we can work on them too.
We will learn from each other(for example for now my weakest point is testing)

Looking for someone to work with!

some project idea examples:

  • email tracking system (made some research on that - and it’s actually doable!)
  • video streaming microservice (for now have no idea how to even approach this =)
  • wall banner generator
  • simple game (with websockets)

Great! We can create some front end project togethter! Or you can work on front end part of a full stack app. Let’s contact on telegram or skype

I wrote you a private message =)

I’d be interested as well. I’ve been looking for a team to get some practice doing projects outside of FCC.

Everyone, Ever heard of Chingu cohorts? Here’s the link
I am in one and so far it’s been awesome.
Cool yeah? Thank me later in chingu central. :slight_smile:


The only problem with that is that the cohorts seem to be more directed at people that are either starting or roughly halfway through the curriculum. I’m very close to finishing FCC so I don’t know if there would be much of a point in joining a cohort that focuses mainly on the FCC curriculum.

Then you can get all the certs and work for the non-profit. By the way, you can contact @tropicalchancer with your project ideas and get a team of people hungry to learn and grow.

Nice, I just looked at this site and submitted a survey to join a cohort.

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Yes chingu cohorts is a good thing. For me the only problem is - this time I have to wait untill mid of March - so I just want to keep coding =)

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@makrtw great if you ok to join our meeting tomorrow 15.00 beijing time welcome. Or we can arrange the skype chat later

I am starting the March cohort, but have finished all 3 certs here already. I think there is a chance in there to work on projects that are not directly in the FCC curriculum anyway :slight_smile:

That’s awesome. Can’t wait to start. And are you already working on ‘pro-bono’ projects?

I’ve filled in the survey to start the pro bono projects a while ago but havent heard anything from them yet actually… have you finished all the certs yet?

2 projects left. hope soon will finish all and get approved for. Really curios what pro bono projects people work on now

Alright, I sent you a message about it.

i would like to be a part of this

i also need something new.

is there a chatgroup? idea? how are we gonna do this?

I want to be a part too. I completed till Intermediate Front end in FCC. I can work on Back end too. How should I participate?

I did make a banner command equivalent in Java:

Good day,

I would also like to participate. How and where will be meeting or communicating?
I also have a ton of great great ideas that could potentially monetized (well rather easily).

Would like to do a partnership and make some cool stuff…

Thanks :smile: