Technical Documentation Page - made it simple and responsive

Hello ,
I would like to invite you to check out my latest finished and validated project - Technical Documentation - CodePen

  • The left menu is sticky at larger resolutions, then moves to the top and remains there at smaller ones
  • FontAwesome icons have been used to make the interface a bit more detailed
  • The media queries cover 3 different resolutions to rule out possible issues while going through the breakpoints
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Hi @anon55559730
It looks great! Maybe you could implement something to go back to the initial menu after reading something in small screens. I am obly to scroll up to get there.
I dont know I have explained well. Let me know if you have understood me.
Happy coding! :muscle: :sunglasses:

Thank for you taking a look. I get it, a button to scroll back to the top would be helpful indeed. I will try to implement it.

Hi again @anon55559730
W3 has an example here:

It could help you. Happy coding!

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