Technical Documentation - wdelanoy

I keep on chugging along! Here is the next project completed.

  • Experimented with the gradient function
  • Played with hover states and transitions in the nav bar. I’m pretty pleased with how they came out.
  • I have a much better understanding of flexbox and grid now, having used both of them in this project. There are a couple of 20 minute videos that I watched about each one to understand them more since the FCC tutorials didn’t go too far in depth
    *Learned some more about the Emmett shortcuts that can quickly create divs, classes, ids, as well as generate lorem text and paragraphs. Amazing stuff!!

As always, any feedback is greatly appreciated!



@wdelanoy Your page is really cool looking! I see you have an eye for style. Can I borrow some of your artistic skill to fix up my web pages?

One comment I have is that the menu should not disappear in mobile view. Try to find a way to keep it on there to allow people on smaller screens to jump to section. Just my opinion…