Technology selection for a form-based web application

Hi everyone,
I am a newbie in web development. I need to build a fairly large form-based web application. It would have multiple pages of forms with all possible input types - Text boxes, Radio-buttons, Selector drop-downs, Check-boxes, etc.
I need to do this in modern JavaScript and the right libraries/frameworks. Please advise on what libraries/frameworks I need to learn. Also, the choice of database.
I have a good grip on HTML, CSS, and JS (ES6).

Appreciate the help and suggestions.


My suggestion is to use technologies you are familiar with. Honestly, people sometimes make a huge deal out of picking the right technologies when with the majority of projects it really isn’t a big deal. You could make the frontend portion of a form-centric website without using JavaScript at all, really. But if you know jQuery and want to use jQuery, use jQuery. If you know React and want to build this as a single page application then do that.

The backend is where things will get tricky for you. Same principal as before applies, but if you don’t already have something you’re comfortable with then learning your first backend framework can be a project in and of itself. If you’ve done the FCC courses and are familiar with it, then use Express. Otherwise, I’ve heard good things about Adonis.

If you don’t want to mess with backend stuff as much, you might consider looking into headless Wordpress. It’s basically using Wordpress as a REST api, and then making ajax requests to it from your frontend app.

But my main point of advice is to try to stick to what you know. Don’t use a technology just because it is hip and sounds cool–especially not when you’re making an actual project for a customer.

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