The Updated Version of My Portfolio: Please Check It Out!

Many said that my previous portfolio is just not good enough and looks half done, that motivates me to create a better one. And this time I used the newest version of Bootstrap to make it. Hope this one is better than last time :wink:.

Here it is my new portfolio

Each of your feedback is very much appreciated by me as it will keep me on track of my progress and keep moving forward.


Oh my good! I drop my head into the trash! :slight_smile:

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Well done… you’re 14 yrs old? Impressive!

I like the parallax effect :slight_smile: Keep creating!

Looks very professional. Great job. I hope I will get to this level:)

You will, you just need to study a little bit about bootstrap.

Thanks for your positive feed back. Really appreciate it.

I’m not that impressive, I was able to create this web due to Bootstrap after all. But thank you for positive feed back.

Thanks, although I believe there are still a lot to add to my portfolio.

good job and keep going.there are a lot of things wich can be done better.but with time you will become better .in your process of learning,I suggest to not use any framework.At least for the next 8 months.Just plain CSS(you can use SASS or less) and Vanilla JS.New frameworks and librarys came out every month, but the languages remain, and become much easier after you learn the languages,to learn a new framework or library.
About your portfolio,keep learning.It will become better with time and a lot a practice.Practice every day.And try to add background color for navigation menu.On mobile overlap the main heading from the header and is not understable.
And if this is the second project,i can say just congratulations.And keep learning.Every project can be done better

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Very nice and clean design. The only things I’d add are that the About section may be a bit too bright white compared to the rest of the colour scheme, and to maybe add a smoother scroll effect on your “Learn more…” and “Scroll to the top” hyperlinks when clicked.

Good job though, keep at it! :slight_smile:

Can you tell me how to make that smooth scrolling effect? I don’t know much about JS after all.

I used JQuery’s animate() and scrollTop() methods.

First I find the <a> tags within my navbar’s <ul> list items, then grab the href attribute values for the divs I want the scroll animation on. Then use the animate() and scrollTop() methods for the actual animation. My code looks like this:

    var $href = $(this).attr('href');
    var $anchor = $($href).offset();
    $('html, body').animate({ scrollTop: $ }, 1000);
    return false;

The 1000 number is the time in ms for my scroll animation.

I’m new to JS as well and worked this out with a little googling and the animate() and scrollTop() JQuery API docs, so there will probably be better ways to do this, but it works. :slight_smile:

I realy like your new portfolio page, especially the start screen looks pretty cool.

I also like your “Scroll to the top”-button. But it would be better, if the the button is just a little bit above the footer, because you have to scroll completely to the bottom to get him.
But this is just my opinion and a matter of taste. So it is up to you.

Thanks, I think your understanding in coding is way better than me.

I will reconsider that, thank you for your feedback.

Looks good. You should make the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript icons the same color as the background of your contact area for consistency. Raise the “Hi, I’m Oswin Hakim I design & code websites” up into the clear area of the backgroud for readability and color the text to a similar color of the contact area color and then use that color for the font color in your about me area. Hope this helps.