Things that holding me back from programming

Good day everyone, I’ll start from telling a short story about me. So I start programming like few years ago. I learnt HTML, CSS and PHP. It was fun and interesting, with everyday I was getting better and better. So I reached the level where I could code e-commerce websites with built in payment systems (and that look like huge achievement to me) with PHP and Laravel framework. I could program like any projects of my imagination 'cause it was just the simple logic behind every project whether it was social network or e-commerce (yes, I even try to build a social network which worked and it’s still lying in my folder still unifinished) or some kinda game website. Then my career changed I started to study in uni which was not related to computer science. After a year I dropped the uni and again started to study in college I finished it and working a job that I like. But it’s not related to programming. Anyway. After 2 years break this year I started learning NodeJS and build some projects of course I’m not at this level where I could build social network or some e-commerce website, but of course I know I can achieve this. I feel like I have the skills but inside I feel like I will not be capable to do it at real job. I even scared to send any applications because first of all:

  1. I don’t have degree related to any computer science or programming related.
  2. I’m really bad at math, physics etc.
    These two above things are holding me from achieveing more in my life. Like I have a job that I like but I would like maybe to change my career in the future to programming related. This is what I taught myself through YouTube, Udemy, TeamTreehouse courses:
  3. HTML, CSS, Bootstrap
  4. PHP & Laravel
  5. NodeJS (Mongoose etc.)
  6. Github skills
  7. Had experience with Wordpress.
  8. Android
    But because I droped everything for a year I forgot A LOT but I still know like how the things work.
    Like I said currently I’m again starting to learn NodeJS because by far I know it’s better than PHP and Laravel. So main question is would I be capable to find job related to programming without degree and being not good at maths, physics etc. Maybe I just need more motivation IDK. Thank you for your time!

Ofc you can.

But you will need to really step up your game and beef up your portfolio and resume. Take a look at getting a developer job category here in the forum and look for inspirations and stories of how other people achieved it.

Keep working hard and good luck :slight_smile:

Absolutely and 100% you’ll. Many great programmers don’t possess the CS or related degree. It’s all about what you can deliver and proving you’re good at it. That’s all I can say

I find myself in a similar boat. Off and on, I have dabbled in programming but never wholeheartedly committed myself to this as a career path. Right now I work as a therapist which is as far from programming as one can get! I always based my choices in school and career on the belief that “I am not good at math, physics or the sciences.” Also, I definitely don’t fit the mold for the STEM culture. Teachers can do so much damage…in grade school and middle school I was told that I would never amount to anything because I wasn’t good at math and science.

I have committed myself to go through the whole Freecodecamp program now and it has helped build so much confidence in myself. My goal is for this to end up as a career and I am confident that it will.


  1. You don’t need to be good at math or physics to get a job in web development. If you were talking game development, then well, understanding certain concepts in linear algebra and physics is mandatory (as I am finding out now the hard way in my unity course).

  2. I’ve had two friends get really good jobs in web development in the past 3 months . One has a chemistry degree and the other has some public relations associates degree. What did they do? They busted their asses learning express js, html , css and React for about 6 months.

Best bet is to just learn something! Stay focused on what you want and put in the hard work it takes to learn some of these languages/frameworks etc… This will maximize your chance of success. Sadly, even if you do all of this, nothing is guaranteed, and you could still be overlooked for jobs, but don’t get too sad over this.Just keep pushing

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