This is the first web page I have ever made!

I would like some feedback about my Tribute page. Thank you!

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Hi! Consider placing h2 and figcaption in the center of the page like the image.

Also move style tag content to the dedicated CSS tab from HTML one

Thank you for the suggestions! I tried changing the build to the CSS tag and a few things stopped working including the test panel. Also I have yet to figure out how to align the figcaption to the image edge. Still working on it though!

Can you post your updated pen so we can see where you’re stuck? If the “hamburger menu” disappeared it’s probably because is no longer at the top. That should remain in place.

Also, do you want the figcaption to be centered under the picture or aligned with the edge of the image? TIP: temporarily add the CSS declaration figcaption {background-color: #000;}. I think it will make the issue super easy to resolve. If it doesn’t, just post your updated pen and we’ll help you out.

Yes, thank you. Sorry about that.
I also noticed after switching to css the <div id=“title”*** is missing from the page even though its in the code. And i followed your suggestion for figcaption and the block is centered on the image though it overhangs to either side.

Ahh, okay, I see what happened. Only your CSS (the code between <style></style>) should be moved to the separate CSS space.

What was your code for the figcaption? I don’t see it in your new pen.

Oh! Lol! Got it. So i made the changes to the original pen because im doing this all from my phone and its easier to move the css code than all the rest. Now the text and background colors aren’t working and the fonts don’t seem to be working either. I read something about linking css to the html page. Could that be why? Gonna try and see :slight_smile:

Also i put in the figcaption code
figcaption {
background-color: #000; }
like you said and it blacked out the caption block.

hi @jhowardjr73

your css not fully working because youre not removing or delete the opening <style> and closing </style> tag on your css tab, like @JohnJohn mentioned above.
delete those two and css would fully work.

the style tag only fully work inside your head in html file

Awesome! Thank you ! :smiley: