Time Dedication/ supplemental tools for Beginner

I recently decided to learn how to code, and seeing as I have literally no background in coding or anything of the sort, FCC is an amazing tool for me. The thing is I have no idea how much time a day I should set aside to learn this stuff. An hour? I’ve seen people say they dedicate 4. I’m 24, work full time, and I’m often tired when I get home. I’m willing to set aside more time, but I don’t want to overload.

Secondly, I’m wondering what other media I can use to supplement this stuff. I started listening to the code newbie podcast, but so much of it is info I have yet to learn. Like Jon Snow, I know nothing. So any beginner tools would be appreciated.

Thank you!

IMHO, a daily 1 hour (or even less) regular study is more effective than sporadic, 4 or 8 hour long marathon sessions. You’d likely to retain more of what you learned in those regular, daily short sessions than in long cramming sessions.

I personally find audio podcasts boring. Very few are actually informative, most is just entertainment. I can see the value if you want to get informed about different subject matters or point of view, but as a learning tool? No… I’d put books/tutorials/videos above audio podcasts.

Now, sometimes I would listen to video tutorials without looking at the video. So I guess that’s my version of an “audio podcast.”

For a beginner, I think coding/practice/trying out what you just read/saw is the most important tool in learning. – codepen, your editor, your browser console. Read or Listen for a few minutes on a topic or subject, then open up your browser console or codepen and try it out, play with the code, add your own stuff, play “what if I do this” scenarios, make mistakes, try to understand the error messages. For me, a lot of deep learning happens when I’m debugging code or an algorithm. Everything working the first time, while may be cool, doesn’t make me learn as much about the subject matter vs. chasing down a problem. Take your time in learning, don’t be in a hurry that you’re stressed and you think you’re not making progress or not finishing the book/course/materials fast enough.

As an analogy – “Seeds planted deep may take more time to sprout, take root, grow and produce fruit. Scattered seeds just sitting on top soil may sprout quickly, but won’t take deep roots, and will die soon enough.”


Thanks for the awesome answer.

No words can describe it better than this Quote, Thanks @owel
… for me, I dedicate more than 6 intensive hrs/day to learn javascript because I set my goals beforehand so I really believe that you have to dedicate more time and put in the effort to learn quickly, therefore reach your goals.
FYI: I quit my day job because I love this field and passionate about.
hope this help, best of luck;