Time needed to complet FCC

Hello guys, I’m new here and i want to know how much time did you take to complet FCC or at least most of it ,I would be glad to know more about your career and what you have begun to learn or done after completing it, Thank you.

That is a really hard question. It really depends on how hard someone works, how much time they put in, what they’ve done before, they’re aptitude, and/or how much of a perfectionist they are.

I will say that I think that the “300 hours” estimate for each section is a gross overstatement. Maybe it’s meant to be an upper limit, but (especially for the first sections) I raced through those in significantly less time than that.

All in all it took me about 4 and a half months (subtracting out a break I took in the middle). Is that typical? I’m guessing that it’s a little quick - I put in a lot of time and had a little experience and an aptitude.

I will say that this will say that this process is going to be longer and harder than you think. The first couple lessons are pretty easy, but things get more difficult as it goes on. And when you finish FCC you still aren’t “there”. It’s like getting your blue belt in karate - it just means that you’re no longer a beginner, not that you’re an expert. After finishing the FCC program, I spent a year just building things and learning new libraries. That was my purple belt. After a lot of hard work, it got my first job - my brown belt. After a couple years on the job with a few promotions, I think I’m at a black belt level. But just like in martial arts, when you get that black belt, you realize that that is really the beginning of your learning journey.

But this is all doable. If you’re reasonably smart and can work hard, you can learn web dev on FCC, apply that knowledge to build some cool portfolio projects, and parlay that into an entry level job. But just be aware that this will most likely be a difficult process. But it’s also rewarding. I get paid a lot of money to basically solve puzzles all day.


Thank you for your reply , you cleared a lot of dark spots i had about this formation. i wish you success in your current and future projects.

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