Today is just the beginning

I have seriously contemplated that route but many of the ones around me require basic foundation of coding skills. I wish I could justify the amount they charge for some of the bootcamps. 20k-40k is ridiculous to charge for 6-9 months of training. If I knew I would land a six-figure job after and even then I would heavily way the option.

Learning solo has been pretty isolated, but I’m taking @kevinSmith advice to look into some local MeetUps to try to reach out to as I know it would benefit me greatly. Im really taking bits and pieces from everyone’s advice. Carving my path that best suites my learning style and personal life.

Everyone has been so supportive. I love it! Thank you you all for that.


Keep trucking bud. You’re obviously a smart guy, asking the right questions, thinking about the best way to get to your goal. Just keep putting the time in and you’ll get there. I have zero advice to offer on the coding front, but I can tell you this: failure is good a thing: embrace it. It’s how you grow and learn.

Google “Arnold Schwarzenegger Speech That Broke the Internet” and go to the 8:50 mark (it should be a 12:06 video) and listen to what he has to say about failure. We’re not all as amazingly self-motivated as Arnold (myself included), but what he says about failure is undeniable.

I’m starting to learn to code full time in a few days myself from scratch. I honestly can’t wait to fail, because every time I fail I get closer to my goal.

I’m sure we’ll see each other on these forums pretty often, same goes for cd1057777. CrIsNvs, and timothyzilla - hi all, good luck!

Let’s get after it.


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I love that video… Just watched it again though. Your right though, what he said about failure is undeniable. Thanks for bringing that to my attention again.

In return I have video for you to check out. Its US Navy Seal Admiral McRaven. He as well talks about goals and how important they are even the little ones like making your bed… Which later inspired him to write a book about it.

I wish you well on your adventure @LearntoCodeQuickly. I’m gonna keep an eye out for your posts :slight_smile:

Your site looks great by the way.

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“Don’t ever ring the bell”, love it!

Thanks for the link, I love these videos, I haven’t seen McRaven before.

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Hi! Good luck! I am sure everything is possible

I just watched the video. Very inspiring. Thank you for the recommendation, Nate!

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I am also new to coding, started about a week ago, the ability to learn a new skill is so much refreshing. I plan to devote the entire year to becoming a front-end development. i
guess we take small steps each day towards our goal.

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