Tribute Page about Mother Teresa. Welcome for all feedback. Thank you

Hi all campers,

Please have a look of my completed responsive tribute page. Welcome for all feedback. Thank you.


I have some minor change for my page. Please review. Thank you.

Stunning job you did there, well done!
I specially love the sliding effect for the header in narrow devices. But, unfortunately, to make such effect you relative positioned your other elements 300px from the top and you applied such css outside your media query, which ended up giving a huge empy space at the bottom when the viewport width >= 768px:

Just move such relative position declarations to the media query you wrote already and it would be alright.

Thank you for your review 2alin, I’m a recent graduate so I expected myself would do more than other new campers. I’d love this camp that a lot of campers support each other and help to improve other campers skills in different skill level.

For the issue you mentioned, initially, I added up the relative position and 300px top to the footer, however, you approach would be much better than mine because the effect only happens during response for the small device media query.