Tribute page completed- feedback

Hi there,

I have completed my 1st project on responsive web design. I will like your suggestion and feedback on my projects. Your review matters in my career path.

Here is link of my project:

Tribute page

Thank you

Hi @ajeet-dev
Congratulations upon completing the tribute page project. I suggest you run your markup through HTML validator. You will notice something which can be done better.

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Hi @ajeet-dev !

I think your page looks good.

A few things.

All id’s need quotes. Make to go through the rest of the document and fix the others.
<main id=main>

Also you might want to use more classes because that would cut down on the repetition in your css.

For example, you repeat this alot.
text-align: center;

But if you created a class and applied that class to the elements you want centered you then wouldn’t have to keep writing it over and over again in your css.

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