Tribute Page - Feedback is much apreciated!

Hey Friends,

I created Tribute Page Project. I think It’s not that good as there are many flaws. I completed Responsive Web Design Course & I’m not confident with myself. Btw If you write down all things you learned through Course. What do do hen you forget about thing you learned?

Here is the link to My Tribute Page

If there are General Improvements that can be made in the design.

Hi @jatinrao, your page looks good. It passes all the user stories and it’s responsive. There are a few things that you missed.

  • You start out with your two headers and I believe you wanted them nested in that figure element. But it’s never closed. Why not change figure to div and then close that div right after the closing h2 element.
  • You have a div with the tribute info but you never closed that one. Try adding the closing div after you close the unordered list.
  • Review the lesson about giving meaningful text to links
    • wikipedia entry is not accessible

I normally don’t comment on someone’s design but you asked for feedback on it also. Some notes;

  • Try centering things like the title, sub-title and figcaption.
  • Maybe make the dates in the timeline bold and then do away with the bullets.
    • Note that semantically, the strong tag has a meaning to screen readers to draw emphasis to text. The way you’re using it, it makes more sense to use the bold tag. Or if you want, import a font that has a normal weight and a bold weight and then add a class to the list items (and anything else you want bold) and call the heavier font weight in CSS.

The best way to remember things is to keep on coding. Try new things. If you forget exactly how to do something you can Google it. Let’s say you forget how to remove the bullets from a list. In Google just type what you want to do…“remove bullets from…” When I start typing that it fills in “list css” along with other choices. I see “remove bullets from list css” is the one that closely matches what I want and read through it. If it’s not what I want then I tweak the suggested code or do another search.

Happy coding…enjoy the journey.

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