Tribute Page help with codepen

I am having trouble starting the tribute page cert with codepen. I made an account and tried to follow the instructions. Whenever I hit run test as told then hit load test i get the first image.

Then when i close out the popup and test selection screen i see this message

Im not sure what I’m doing wrong?

Hi @rhyanjenks,

I´m not sure about the first screenshot you inserted, but I get the same result as you on the second screenshot when I´m working in a browser other than Chrome. Have you tried doing this task in Chrome?

It seems like you are not “forking” the pen. Have you tried to fork it? Please check the right bottom of the screen; there should be a button named fork. Try fork the pen to your account. It might solve the issues.

if the issue stay, try to do a search for mocha div in the forum search. There are various threads for that, with various things to try

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@jjberg83 i only do my work in chrome

smh i tried forking it and still no luck. It seems like its not accepting the run test button when i click on it

taking your advice @ilenia i searched for mocha div and ran across a post about fixing the cookies blocker on chrome to allow the site to run properly. Thanks everyone for the help