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Hi,I was trying to built tribute page for the responsive web design challenge,the instruction says there should be a drop down menu on the editor where i can get the template,but my codepen editor is not showing any drop down menu.what can i do?

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Challenge: Build a Tribute Page

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At the bottom of every challenge there is a paragraph saying →

  • You can build your project by using this CodePen template and clicking Save to create your own pen. Or you can use this CDN link to run the tests in any environment you like:*

use the blue highlighted link.

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There isn’t anything in the instructions that point you to a template.
There is a link to FCC’s sample that you can fork. If you do that it will include that CDN so you can run the tests.
You can see it by clicking the cog icon in the upper left of the JS editor. (attached a screenshot)
If you just started writing you code in a pen that you created paste the following into the HTML editor;
<script src=""></script>

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i did go to that link there it gives the following instructions


  • Select the project you would
    like to complete from the dropdown
  • Click the “RUN TESTS” button to
    run the tests against the blank
  • Click the “TESTS” button to see
    the individual test cases.
    (should all be failing at first)
  • Start coding! As you fulfill each
    test case, you will see them go
    from red to green.
  • As you start to build out your
    project, when tests are failing,
    you should get helpful errors
    along the way!

it says select the project you would like to complete from the dropdown menu;but my pen isnt showing any drop down menu

Provide link to your codepen.

there it is →
1 write your code.
2 select test from the menu.
3 run tests.

Click on that down chevron to select the test suite you want to run.

where did you find the test suite window? i can find it

It isn’t talking about your project, it is talking about the “type” of project. You won’t find your project in the menu, just the type. I.e. for the Tribute Page project, you will find a “Tribute Page” menu item.

As for where you get the test script from, at the bottom of the challenge page there is a link to the script. You can also use the template link which is given.

Do you see the hamburger menu icon in the top left corner?


i dont,thers no hamburger menu on my pen

What about the template, if you use that link do you not see the menu?

I don’t see it on my desktop page as well, but when opening it up on my phone, I can run the checks.

Do you see any errors in red in the browser console Ctrl + Shift + J

Make sure the script is not being blocked by some extension and maybe try in Firefox just to test.

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its working in firefox

Do you see any errors in the console in Chrome?

yeah there"s a lot of errors

Can you copy-paste the console logs or post a screenshot?