Tribute Page---Margaret Hamilton


I’ve finished my tribute page and feel like I wrote dung-beetle-code (you know, “bad” code that you just keep snowballing into something even worse?). It looks okay in my browser but isn’t so responsive. I haven’t worked with HTML or CSS before, so I welcome constructive criticism.


I think that looks awesome. The only problem I see is that the imgur link isn’t working. Your Google font stylesheet ought to be defined in the CSS section where you listed Bootstrap as a source, but CodePen seems really good at working around that. Great job, I say!

Thanks for the feedback! I’ve taken note of it.

Did you happen to notice an issue with my page links in my “Want to read more?” section? They’d all worked for me when I’d first written them, but now only my middle link will work.

I also couldn’t figure out why my image2 wouldn’t stay in its column, so I just used margin styling as a temporary fix to keep it in place (which looks fine in my browser, but awful on mobile devices). When I remove the margin styling for image2, it behaves as if it is center-aligned on the full span of the page. I’m assuming I made an error with how my code is nested or I just don’t understand bootstrap grid behavior.

I think I’m going to make a new webpage as a second attempt to practice, and sketch out/research how I want it to behave before I write this time.

CSS can be a pain. Don’t worry about using hacks to get things to work, it’s normal. All of your links still work for me, though.

Ah, okay, good to know. Thanks again for the feedback, I really appreciate it.

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