Tribute page passes, but i'm not convinced. :O

I finished my Tribute page. I got the basics and am starting to understand things. The README in this test app says that adding style elements can “pollute the page” “try adding color:red.”, so I did and that’s what made my image commands display. This is confusing. Do you know what they are trying to get me to understand? I breezed thru so much information last week I don’t know what I’m not getting.

It seems whatever command I start first in the css box will not display unless I put another ‘sacrificial’ command in front of it. That doesn’t seem right.

I’m happy that I passed the first page and all, but it leaves me feeling I’m misssing something important.

There are three ways to add style to an element:

  1. inline style
  2. internal style
  3. external style sheet.

Since <style> tag is used for internal styles .
when you are using external style sheet you don’t need to add <style> tag in that file i.e. remove <style></style> tag from your .css file.

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Thank you Fatma.

When I removed the style tags it created more errors. I’m going to let it go for now.

I think I have to step back from FCC after completing my Responsive Web Design projects and do some more beginners study. I have some holes in my knowledge after this first course that some seem to think I should have figure out.