Tribute Page Project (test suite troubleshoot)

I see that there’s a test suite in, yet I don’t know how to activate it for my tribute page so as to make sure I’m passing the user stories. If you know how to do so, please reply. I looked at one topic page, but the information is outdated.

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P.S. note the screenshot, I don’t understand all of what it’s saying but I do know that I need that js package.

(debunked screenshot due to new user restrictions)

Edit: I switched over to Mozilla and everything works no problem. Must be due to an adblocker extension enabled in Chrome. But how come there are ten tests to pass when there are only nine user stories?

HI @the_delicious !

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I am not sure what you mean by js package.
Could you clarify what you mean here?

If you click on the red 7/10 button for the test suite, it will open up and you will see that the first test gives you a point for starting the project.

Hope that helps!

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