Uploading projects to Netlify (organizing files/folders)

Is there any tutorial/reference that tells you how to organize the files/folders correctly?

I say this because last week I was uploading a JS Game to Netlify. Well the Game was behaving all correct, all images, all sounds, all functionality Ok… So the src to the folders were correctly specified.

However, in Netfliy didn´t load. Once I change the organization of folders (basically I put the html ,css, y js files all close together, withouth putting them into any folder), then the game correctly loaded on Netlify!

This didn´t surprise me since I always wondered how the hell Netlify knows how to make the script work only passing the archives (literally passing a github repository) however I would like some information in how to do this correctly. Right now im working on my portfolio and i have a certain organization of the files and I wonder if I uploaded like this it won´t load again.

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Hi, I’ve just edited the title to reflect that you’re talking specifically about Netlify; any advice on file organisation is normally specific to platform so this is to prevent general replies about file organisation that are not likely to be relevant.

Thanks, I didn´t know it was specific to Netlify :open_mouth: So in Heroku or Github pages for example it usually works as long as in your local machine works?

Umm there are different conventions for each one – GitHub pages is for very simple static sites, Heroku is mainly designed for applications. So different purposes, different conventions. If it works on a test run locally for a platform it should work remotely, but it not working could be for something very specific to Netlify