Using Python as a Data Analyst

Hello everyone,

Can any data analysts or just analysts in general explain how you use python at work? I currently work as an analyst and see that a lot of the higher paying jobs in my field require python expertise. I do just fine in my role using excel for all my analyses.

I would love to hear some reasons why you guys prefer python, or are required to use python. Also, why python is better than excel for data analysis.

If you have any tips or anecdotes on how you got started with python for an analyst role that would be fantastic as well!

I used to be an analyst before I became a programmer. Excel is great, but Python is a much more flexible and powerful tool. You can much more easily do more complex tasks with a Python script. In my current work, Python is great for parsing a batch of complex output files, converting those files into a datagframe, and providing a flexible interface to group, analyze, and plot subsets of the data.

If you were to learn Python’s data science modules, you would not only increase your own capabilities as a Data Analyst but also as you mentioned. Would be getting paid more money. I suggest that you learn Pandas module in Python, because as a data analyst there is absolutely no way, Python combined with Pandas won’t make your work more valuable. And therefore your skillset as a Data Analyst.

Hi Seniors ,
I am completely new to Data analysis . So need your guidance to learn python and data analysis effectively . Also i am commerce student .

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