Using the same text as the demo page

So I’ve been going through the HTML curriculum, I’m currently on my 4th project and kind of stuck as to what I should do it on. I’m fairly new to coding and don’t have the knowledge to come up with a technical documentation myself. I’ve seen some other people just use the same text as the fcc demo page and was wondering if that’s ok to do.

Welcome to the forums @lukaAbs. If you’ve noticed that some have used the same text as the demo page you may have also noticed that others researched and came up with their own.
If you look at the references in the demo you’ll see that all the info gathered was from MDN. The link I’ve provided here shows not just the JavaScript doc that the sample page utilized but it shows a lot of documentation pages. You could pick one of them.
Now the FCC sample tech doc page did not take the entire doc from MDN, just a portion of it. You can do the same with another of the docs.

After all that, there is nothing wrong with using what’s on the sample but you can research a little and make one that’s unique to you.

Thanks you’ve been a great help, I’ll definitely take your advice and research something to make the project my own.