Video or Other Media Suggestions

Hey all!

Even though I’ve always considered myself somewhat computer savvy based on my ability to operate one fairly well and to build with tools like WordPress, I’ve only recently started taking my coding and programming education seriously. I’m about to start my second semester at a local community college where I’m pursuing a degree in software development and I’m really trying to get through as many of the lessons and challenges available here on FCC and in places like Codecademy as I can in my free time when I’m not working or in class.

I have a quick question though. Are there any resources on YouTube or elsewhere that you have turned to in order to learn some of these topics just from watching/observing? Some evenings after my work my brain is too fried to actually sit down at my personal desktop computer and try my hand at coding, but that doesn’t stop me from still wanting to continue learning.

Any suggestions are great. Thank you!

Sit down for an MIT lecture. – Introduction to Algorithms

This series on Design Patterns.


I know that I’m a little late responding, but thank you for the awesome suggestions @owel!