Visual Studio 2019 HTML Live Preview Setup Question


My apologies for asking this here I know you are all busy with various projects. However searching for a few hours has not turned up any answers yet.

I’m using Visual Studio 2019 (not to be confused with VS Code) and I’m wondering if there are any plugins that are great with providing a live html preview within the IDE. I’m just wanting to practice with CSS grids, flexboxes, and other things I’ve learned so far in the Responsive Web Design section of things.

The reason I’m using VS19 is that I watched a video about C# coding that was associated with this website. So I decided to take the leap and get into coding. It’s challenging, fun, and for some reason it’s clicking and I wanted to thank all of your for time and for providing FCC.

Hi @Mr.Coffee!

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I dug around the vs marketplace and found this option.

Granted there aren’t as many options as with their code editor but this option looks like it might work.


Thank you for helping. Sadly, I came across this too and won’t be able to purchase this anytime soon. I’ll figure something out :smile:! Thank you, thank you, for taking the time to help out. Hopefully someday I’ll get programs like Jetbrainsrider and dive more into coding!

Why not use visual studio code for web dev?

I understand using an ide for languages like C but why is visual studio code not an option for html and css?

That’s a good question. For some reason I was just stuck on using VS19 because of C# lessons I’m taking. I’ll download VSC and solve the headache :joy:

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