Web development beginner aspiring to become a blockchain developer

Hi guys! I recently started coding (html and CSS) with my eyes set on becoming a blockchain developer. I’m planning to start Ruby on Rails in a week’s time.

Am I on the right path given my career aspirations? And if not, what recommendations would you give inorder to gain the relevant skills and technical knowledge in the most efficient way possible?
I’m in great need of advice and guidance.
Thanks in advance.

None of those things are related to what would be called blockchain technologies. I would have a good read up on what’s involved if that’s what you’re interested in. I’m not sure “blockchain developer” is really a thing either: what do you mean by saying you want to be one? It’s not a very widely used thing, as things stand it’s highly specialised with few real-world uses (despite the hype)

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Thanks for the reply; I’m interested in smart contracts to be specific, I would really appreciate the help if you find more information.