Web Development business

Hello all,

I wanted to some advice. Soon I will be completing the responsive web design part of the tutorials and was wondering at what point in the curriculum can I look at prospects of starting my own web development business?



Well, think about what service you want to sell. Can you currently do it? How much would you charge for it? How long would it take? Would you be making enough per hour?

I want to start out with basic one page solutions for prospecting clients. Get my feelers out there and charge 300$ per-page flat rate and I would work out time with the client but I would take no less than a week to complete a web-page, I would host it all thru a AWS server. I will keep that model until I challenge myself to do more complex tasks that deal with using JavaScript libraries.

If you believe that you can actually do the work well enough to build your reputation and quickly enough to make it worth your time, then I don’t see why you shouldn’t start trying to find clients.