Website templates help

I did HTML Css & JS,even built a project site.Now i want to build a professional site based off a template.

I’ve seen a few template sites but i can’t get those templates open on VS code,probably doing something wrong since its my first time doing this.

What i want is to download a template i like, view the HTML & CSS on my VS code and edit it to my liking.How can i do that?

I think you need to give us a specific example of what you are trying to do. If you are downloading something that gives you the HTML/CSS files for the template then you should be able to open those files with VSC.

I want to do exactly that.Download a file that gives me the HTML & CSS.What i wanna know is where can i download such file?And how do i import it to VS Code?

I don’t know exactly how you would go about finding templates since I’ve never done it myself. I would guess if you googled ‘html templates’ you might find some? Once you have the files you just open them in VSC just like you would any other file.

I did that and it works.but when i open the “index.html” with chrome it shows this mumbo jumbo,not the actual website i’m trying to copy.

I want the website to appear on chrome so i know what to edit

With a lot of templates you just get some basic example HTML with some filler content and the CSS.

The site you got it from might have a working example that is a finished product but that doesn’t mean that is what you will get from the download. Sometimes it is a fully finished site but we do not know what template you have downloaded so we can’t really say anything.

Link to where you got the template from so we can see it.