Weird windows things?

I’m not sure if this is the place to ask but

I don’t know what button i pressed or what I did but this kept on happening, do anyone know what this is, and how to disable it?

Kind of hard to say based on that picture.

Just some wild guesses here… could be totally wrong…

Are you using some kind of Math app or Photo editing program? Kinda looks like a Cartesian plane to me where it would show a graph.

Wikipedia - Cartesian Plane

477,737 seem like coordinates.

If you’re using some kind of photo editing app, it could be a “show coordinates” tool showing you the X,Y coordinate the mouse cursor is currently at on the photo you’re working with. The top left corner usually being coordinate 0,0.

To disable it, it would really be helpful to know what app you are using and what you are doing. You really haven’t given enough info to go on.

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It kind of looks like a screenshot, or screen recorder widget to me.

The box will show a zoomed-in area of where your mouse is located on the screen so you can see where the rectangle for the capture area you can draw will start and end.

Not sure if it’s something built-in or an app you have installed.


I think it’s a built in, but thanks for the response. It happens randomly and it’s just an odd obstruction

I did do a search for some of the Windows 10 built-in stuff but the widget doesn’t look like any of them, which is the reason why I’m not sure if it’s built-in or not.

When you say randomly do you mean when pressing keys or just completely randomly without any interaction with the keyboard?

If it was me, I would look at the running processes and if rebooting also doesn’t help I would look at the start-up processes as well.

For simple stuff, the built-in tools should be fine.

If you want or need something more I would suggest the Sysinternals tools.

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I searched the net as well and scoured one of my Win10 rigs. I got the same results as you. Saw nothing that looked like the OP’s screenshot. If it’s a branded PC (Dell, HP, etc) could be some pre-installed bundle-ware thing.

Good idea about the Task Manager. There was also some utility I used to have, can’t remember the name, but you could right click on the app and in the context-menu there was a menu option to go directly to the process in task manager so you could kill it or disable it.

Could be one of the Systinternals tools you’ve already posted. Just can’t remember what it was right now to save my life.

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@revenstar2 @lasjorg

Looks like Process Explorer has a similar feature to what I was talking about. Next time the window/app pops up, before closing it:

  1. Open Process Explorer

  2. Click and hold the target/crosshair symbol

  1. Drag it over the window that is annoying you

  2. Let go of mouse button

  3. It will take you back to Process Explorer and the name of the program/program process should be highlighted.

  4. From there, now that you know the name of the offending app, you can easily find it, kill it, and use the other tools that lasjorg recommended to disable it.

    Or you could find the program now that you know the name of it, launch it, and look for any hot-keys/shorcut keys that can be disabled within the offending app itself :smiley:


it’s late but thank you! I will try your tip again if that pops up

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