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Hey, I know this is an old comment, but I am actually making the decision to either focus on web dev or get into surveying and GIS. Reason for surveying is I have a hard time sitting at a desk and like being outside. I was actually considering being a GIS dev or moving to a office GIS position longterm, but focusing on surveying while I am young.

Are you still working with GIS and surveying? What about has you wanting to move to software dev?

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good day everybody, my names are Abraham Alenor am from Africa Nigeria, am 25 years of age and am new here and i want to be a programming expert, but i totally do not no anything about coding, or other stuff, but one thing i know is am ready to learn , and am ready to take advice, and support from the smallest to the most intelligent person here in this forum , please my family help me achieve my dreams,

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You can start here: https://www.freecodecamp.org/learn/responsive-web-design/basic-html-and-html5/

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thank you kitty kora, in future more of this would be helpful

You may need to visit the Curriculum on FCC and complete all the courses. Don’t just learn but also build some favourite projects with the skill you gained. You can also sharpen your skill by helping others! And don’t expect to learn something in weeks or months. Because coding is a long journey. Happy coding!

wow thanks for this tip thanks thanks, but i dodnt even know anything do you think i can maje it???/

The first thing is consistency. You need to be consistent on learning something you love. If you have passion about coding then you will love to do it. Set a goal and do daily planning this would help you keep motivated. If you get stucked then you can ask questions on any forum(FCC forum, Reddit or StackOverflow.com).

You need to know what you want to learn. Learning frontend development was my first lesson, which covers Html, CSS and JS(JavaScript). If you don’t interested in web development I would suggest you to pick java as a first language as it is easy to learn and popular. You can read it more at here.

@sirachCODE hi welcome to the freecodecamp as it is an excellent place to start things. I got graduated from university with degree in computer science and can tell you it doesn’t play a HUGE role in terms of learning. freecodecamp has a very very helpful curriculum.
just follow it one step at the time and ask your questions on the forum of official Reddit and discord of freecodecamp. Everyone here is extremely helpful.
for better productivity, I highly recommend listening to this podcast from cal new port. link here

Welcome, sirach.

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Hello, my name is Dominik, I’m from Poland, live in Ireland. This is my 3rd time when I trying to learn the basics of programming, this time I chose JS, every day I try to spend around 2-3h for this, but you know, doing this alone is bored.My goals are simple, want to change something in my life and get new passion ; )
I looking for someone who would help me or study with me ( even paid lessons, we can talk about it ).

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Hello najme how are you its been a while please i will be needing your help am stuck

I’m Krystal, and from northern California. Just turned 30, and beginning my coding journey. I’ve been a massage therapist for 8 years, and due to the current pandemic, it’s not a good idea to keep doing that right now. I got laid off in March, and was floundering for a while on just what to do.

I have been interested in entering the tech world for a while, but never entertained the idea of actually working toward it because I thought one had to be really good at math or seriously left-brained to do well in the field. I’m an artsy deep-feeling nerd (mostly right-brained), but had a family upbringing in computers and tech. I learned my first lines of code as a teen just so I could decorate my MySpace (remember MySpace?). :laughing:

I have ADHD, and while at first I thought this might make pursuing a career as a coder more challenging, I am learning that LOTS of coders and folks in tech have ADHD. And they say that while it has it’s challenges, the strengths that come from having such a differently working brain far outweigh the difficulties. Bill Gates apparently has ADHD! :exploding_head:

I am starting with learning web dev, but might be interested in a career in game development. I recently finished the Responsive Web Development program here on fCC, but have also taken several courses on LinkedIn Learning. I also find YouTube tutorials extremely helpful.

I am hoping to find friends in coding and have a community to lean on. I learn best by helping others. :grin:

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Hey all, hope your day is well.

My name is Carsen, I’ve been learning code for sometime now, on and off. I have messed with computers in all sorts of ways since I was young. But have recently trying to dig deeper into programming as I would like to be a Software Engineer when I finish my degree- or before! I have been going to school for my Bachelors in Computer Science for the past year, but am half way through it now (prior credits from associates in meteorology, from USAF Techschool).

I have been on freeCodeCamp a couple years ago, but I am just coming back to stay for a bit longer this time. Recently I have spent the last week going through the FCC curriculum, starting with the responsive web design certificate as I am familiar with it already.

I have already made a few web pages on my own for fun. But I have also worked a lot with Python, C#/Unity, and recently started learning C++. Lots of aspects of programming interest me, including Web Development, Game Development, ML, Data Sci, and Mathematical programming. I mostly like to teach myself through books, preferably physical ones.

I began learning code for fun, and continue to do so. But I plan on making it my carrer now!

Best of luck to all of you, happy coding! :vulcan_salute:

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إسمي محمد وبتعلم Front-end وحاليًا بتعلم react، أتمنى أعرف على حد بيتعلم من FCC

HI all Guys and Gals up here!!
Stumbled upon this programming related world like a week ago… and now I’m in deep learning getting trough Responsive Web design. it looks really interesting and gives the power to continue the self learning and everything.

I’m David, coming from city Eilat- southernmost city of Israel.
38 years old, beginner in coding field (and hey, it looks interesting, even that it’s self learning!!)
Working as for now, as a sales representative
Plans for future? usually I dont look beyond my nose. First milestone- to learn as much and as quick as I can. then… Maybe freelancing, maybe full time distanced job. this desicion is far away.
but all those COVID times made me to re-look my future


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Hi Manon,
I was not a developer before 2019, but after doing a javascript bootcamp in Paris, I did learn so much especially in React.
I did an internship after, and it helps me improving my skills, but I had to stop with the pandemic.
Today, I’m searching a job as a React front-end developer.
I’m willing also to finish the FCC certification.
Coding can you make independant, it’s a great experience, and it can target so many sector. Good luck;
Happy coding.

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I just wanted to say hi, I’m new to coding and learning. Can’t remember the last time I went on a forum since 2010 (haha).

But extremely GRATEFUL to see there is a big community in tech. And cyber too.

My background is in photography and now moving to tech at 33.

I’m currently looking for an apprenticeship in London, and have some experience.

Cheers all!



Hello, and welcome to the freeCodeCamp forum! We hope you find some great discussion here. While we love to hear from all of our new campers, the number of people who join every day means that a new thread for each camper would crowd out all of the other topics. Because of this, I have moved your post into the main welcome thread.

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Thank you! :slight_smile: Good to know, sorry I wasn’t sure where to post this.