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Hello guys im new here. my name is Zibusiso. Im a 37 year old male black History, secondary school teacher in Zimbabwe. Using my free time in lockdown to learn code. Im doing this for both career advancement and for fun because i have always liked computers. Me starting from beginning with HTML. If anyone can advise me on where to find free books online to learn coding or any other resources i would really appreciate it. Hope to even join a whatsapp group to encourage and be encouraged by seasoned and newbie coders.

Pls remove your personal information as it can be missuesed.
Also what code languagse do u want the books in?

Hi there! and welcome! glad to have my colleague here ( i’m history ex-teacher in my past). as long as you have the patience to move forward, knowing that sometimes you will run into walls, this is blessed!

keep us updated!


l am Maggy , l love code work

@KittyKora I think he can put his name if he’s 37… :smile:

Thanks for the advice. let me do so. i want a book on html/css or any beginner coding book anyone can suggest. Thanks

i am anuj sethi
I want my future to secure
as fast i can try

I’ve been working through FCC for about a week and a half with a goal of finding a developer job in the future. It’s been a lot of fun and very rewarding so far. Just chiming in to introduce myself and say, ‘Hello.’ :grinning:

Hi, there. I’ve been working on FCC for a couple of weeks with plans to get a job as a developer in the future. It’s been rewarding and fun so far. Between FCC, W3Schools and YouTube, I’m eating, drinking and sleeping code. Cheers. :+1:t2:

I’m Ain, 38 y.o., and finally getting around to trying my hand and mind at learning this stuff.

I’ve always been interested, but never really had the time or energy to focus on it. I find myself with a ridiculous amount of free time now and there’s no reason to not give it a solid shot.

I’ve made it through all of the first section and am working on the projects. It’s frustratingly fun :grin:

I’m curious about something I read about CodeCamp study groups and am hoping to maybe make a few new friends while I’m here. This pandemic equals out to a lot of alone time and I’m tired of talking to myself lol