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@KittyKora I think he can put his name if he’s 37… :smile:

Thanks for the advice. let me do so. i want a book on html/css or any beginner coding book anyone can suggest. Thanks

i am anuj sethi
I want my future to secure
as fast i can try

I’ve been working through FCC for about a week and a half with a goal of finding a developer job in the future. It’s been a lot of fun and very rewarding so far. Just chiming in to introduce myself and say, ‘Hello.’ :grinning:

Hi, there. I’ve been working on FCC for a couple of weeks with plans to get a job as a developer in the future. It’s been rewarding and fun so far. Between FCC, W3Schools and YouTube, I’m eating, drinking and sleeping code. Cheers. :+1:t2:


Hello everyone, I wanted to take the time to introduce myself here.

I have started the freeCodeCamp curriculum several times over the past several years, but have always fizzled out in the front end libraries projects. I thought maybe this time I’d become more invested if I became a part of this community.

I have been looking to do a career change into programming for the better part of the last decade. I have completed many tutorials / online classes, I just have never been able to get the confidence I’ve needed to feel that I’m ready to work in a professional capacity.

As I struggle to complete the curriculum this time, I will make an effort to post here with my progress and to get feedback on my projects. I will also make an effort to give others feedback. I feel this will help keep me accountable, and hopefully will help put me in contact with like-minded people who may have been in a similar situation that can offer guidance.

Thanks for reading, I look forward to hearing from some of y’all.

Joshua Carr



I am Khana, college undergraduate of entrepreneurship.

Not really my preferred course and now i’m venturing to get the skills that i really wanted in the first place.

I just want to say at first, Thank you for creating this program/camp for free. It is really helpful for people like me who wants to learn online and cannot afford paid courses.

I am also here for a career change. I will start by being a web designer to a full stack developer or Game developer.

I just finished Basic CSS today, I didn’t now know basics could give me headaches :joy:. Well, I am a total beginner so yeah, but i am also enjoying this. taking a break and tomorrow I will be starting Applied Design.

Who you are?
aspiring goal oriented and motivated individual since five years now.

Why you’re learning to code?
I want to create and the ability to.

how you’ve been learning to code so far?
Online tutorials and android kotlin tutorials.
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hey there

my advice as a beginner who also want to learn code to make a change and had some experience with java basics is to “PRACTICE”

for example when you learn something new try to apply it in a simple exercise (basic static web page) where you can see the change and make a really code page (project) while you learn so that you see the results and that’s can make you go on to your journey as a developer and don’t forget to build a skill which is (Googling) that make ur life so easier…

Happy coding

Hi everyone!

My name is Katy.
I’m actually biology student and persue my masters. But the situation with lockdown got toll on me and I decided to learn something new, something that I could be doing from home.
I looked some YouTube videos and found FCC. So it’s my first coding resource.

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Hi all,

Delighted to find such a great resource. Hope to learn a lot together!.. and get a good job!

Currently studying Web Dev, JS & Python (Cisco, Udemy)

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Hi everyone! My name is Mike! I am a new father to a sweet baby boy whom was born with bilateral vocal cord paralysis. After many months in the hospital I’ve found a lot of down time in the evening when I stay up to watch my son. I have a bachelor of arts in Music, associates in science, and have started a successful business in being a handyman! My first computer was a compaq presario (2001) and I’ve been manhandling computers ever since then (11 years old). Now I am 30 years old. I am a jack of all trades and just ready for a new challenge in life! I would love to become a professional software developer one day! That way I can still work and be around for my son instead of running around Denver and sometimes having to fix toilets. I love my son so much that I’m using my love as fuel to ignite this passion for coding! I am a problem solver so spending my days on fCC has been really challenging and fun all at the same time. Just wanted to leave my mark on this thread! Blessings to everyone’s coding journey!


hi i hope your jounrny ia good

Hi, I’m Mariana! I’m learning code to work as web dev and one day work as a UX designer or QA

I’ve been learning code for 2 months, it have been so imersive

I’ve finished one course at {reprograma} (a startup from my country, Brazil) and now I’m learning here on FCC, The Odin Project and soon want to start at Exercism .io

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Hello all!

My Name is Lauren and I’m from Tennessee. I just started the course as of yesterday, and just wanted to get to know the forum space. I’m currently getting back into code after a year. My background is kind of complicated, because I wasn’t familiar with code or programming when I first entered college. I was kind of pressured into something my family deemed ‘worthwhile’ and was doing Criminal Justice as an associates degree and did finally convince them that I could add Interactive Multimedia Production. It was in that other degree path that I had a coding class with HTML and I loved it. The only reason I didn’t keep up with this degree was the pricing of the Adobe products used for most of my classes after they went subscription-based and as I was living with grandparents that were fearful of automatic payments and no job because of school at the time, I became extremely behind on the advancements. I did go on and finish up a Bachelors with the Criminal Justice but when I had one semester left I realized it WASN’T what I wanted to do. I pretty much gritted my teeth and bared it because I was almost done and a degree felt better than no degree. Long story short, graduated, and went to working retail for a while before I decided to enroll with Capella University in their web design program. Unfortunately, with that plus my previous loans, I was nearing the cutoff for federal borrowing and because I wasn’t making enough in retail or even at the warehouse job I now have, I was afraid to go with private loans. So I dropped out and kind of spiraled into a depression of not wanting to touch code for about a year.

Finally though, I’ve gotten out of my funk and I’m fully prepared to buckle down. I’m leaning towards sticking with web design, but if I find another option that seems to call to me more, I will go for it. I started at the beginning of the camp to refresh my memory on HTML and so far it seems to be coming back pretty well. I plan on looking into other supplementary materials to learn with, and I’m planning on looking at other various programming languages. Looking forward to learning and coming to this forum for advice!


Hi Everyone. Just joined, so I figured I’d say Hello to everyone. What’s up?

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Hello Coding World

My name is Jason. I started FCC on Monday, March 8th. I joined FCC because of wanting to dive deeper into Frontend Engineer/Developer after I finish another program in June 2021.

I grew up in Washington DC, and I’m a major in Associate Applied of Science & Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity/Networking. Thanks be to God for giving me provision & vision to pursue Front-End Engineering/Developer.

I chose this path because of having a desire to learn coding and up my skill level. COVID-19 has put a cap on my career as far as advancement. So far, I’m having a blast learning how to code, and I look forward to the journey ahead.

I’ll probably be back on here asking for help of course :slightly_smiling_face:,
because although I’ve been in the coding neighborhood but I’ve never stayed in it. I’m trying to take advantage of my time wisely, and hopefully come out to a career position in Front End Engineer/Development.

'til next time,
Happily Joyfully Coding everyone!


I am Emile 21 years old trying to learn to code to improve my skills, and hopefully get a job in the tech industry.
I started with freeCodeCamp about 2 months ago… and I am looking for communicating with other learners to support and help each other
have a great journey
peace :heart: