What after free code camp

english is my second languange sorry :upside_down_face:

i have start learning from free code camp befure 2 weeks todays i have enter the javascript but i think i stell need more html and css project the things i learned from the project stayed in my mind but the things i learned from the tutorial have gone where i can find more project to work i want a brief on where i can find project not only for html and css but for the js and the other that i will learn it what we do afre learn the basic from fcc

Arabic also uses punctuation, it might be better trying to use it also when you speak english because not using it makes it hard for the people to understand what you are trying to say and looks messy.

One learns more by doing than just watching a bunch of videos but never applying that knowledge. You can indeed learn by tutorials but doing projects on your own using the documentation will help you get used to the process of creating applications.

Consider doing the projects at the end of each section and make sure to pass all the tests or if you want once you have did that, you can also try to do something similar but without following the instructions and making sure to pass the tests because sometimes it may be limiting for you.

From what I’ve heard and not from my own experience I’ve heard great things about TreeHouse and some Udemy courses. So you might check them out.

Learning English and expressing your thoughts in the right way making other people understand what you want to say is also important if you want to become a developer and you want to communicate with other developer that don’t speak your native language.

That comes from a non-english speaker. (I am italian)

thank you

i appreciate :+1:t4: