What are good alternatives to front end developer roles?

Did anyone who had trouble finding a web developer role, settle for a different similar role instead? If so what type of role did you take? Office assistant? Secretarian? IT support technician?


Non of those roles you mentioned are remotely related to a front end developer are they? Well maybe IT support if you consider you might be supporting the device where a web dev’s work is displayed!

That said, there are literally hundreds of sub divisions in web dev or programming. There’s a similar post here that might be what you’re looking for.

I gave literally absolutely random examples. What can you settle for if you don’t get a front end dev job, is what i am asking.

I know :smiley:

I think front end dev (junior) is the entry point really as html/css are as simple as it gets. If your really good at those and JS you might be able to skip the jr roles. As for an actual alternative - personally I don’t think there is one that would utilise those skills.

You could knock out wordpress sites using a theme, which is also very easy and is paid accordingly - at least here in the UK it is.