What are some really basic projects I can build with JS?

Hey guys, so I want to start practising in my basic JS skills by building projects and such. But I don’t know what projects I can start with and can build with really basic JS? So some suggestions would be really help me a lot!

Thanks in advance for the suggestions!


check out this link here you will get 100 projects for beginners. Happy learning🤗

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Typically, building tiny games or reverse-engineering established ones can make you learn tons of stuff both about programming in general and the language itself. By building stuff like tic-tac-toe, tetris, snake, 2048, ping pong, etc you will learn essential stuff like functions, objects, arrays, iteration, data structures; and some heavy hitting stuff like basic AI algorithms (mini-max, for example), canvas and SVG, basic physics, async programming, OOP, events, intermediate and advanced css, etc.

Other projects that I recommend for learning web APIs are musical instrument emulators, video and audio players, webcam snapshot interactive apps, joystick-aided apps (yes there’s a web API for that), twitter/youtube/github lightweight client with or without oAuth2 authentication, geolocation and maps, localStorage for browser-stored data applied to stuff like todo apps or recipe catalogue; and much more.

The possibilities are endless, I’d say what has people very interested rn is using third party APIs to visualize and interact with data such as COVID-19 statistic trackers.

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