Projects while Learning Javascript?

As I start learning the basics of Javascript what projects can I do on the side?
(Just so you know I just finished learning HTML and CSS)

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Once you learn about functions and if statements, you can make a Rock, Paper, Scissors game or a Guess the Number game. I’ve seen people make cookie clicker games, too. You will have to learn about DOM manipulation to do those projects, which is useful.

There are any number of projects on YouTube. I recommend doing the project on your own rather than coding along with the instructor. You will learn more through struggling to figure out how something works.

As you get to the algorithms sections, you can go on Codewars, Leetcode, or any number of other sites to practice those.

Have fun!

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I am a self-taught Web Developer and I say – The Best way to learn JavaScript is to learn by yourself. As with any other programming language/web script, the learning process of JavaScript should be started from the Beginners level to the Intermediate level and then finally the Advanced level.

Biggest Mistake which Developers do:
What many JavaScript students make mistake is that they keep on reading JavaScript tutorials one by one, and do not implement any of them. This way of learning is totally wrong and futile.

Students should read one tutorial then implement what the tutorial has taught them, in their own code. This will make them understand the code correctly, otherwise, I guarantee they will forget what they just read within the next 30 minutes or before

I hope this will help you


@anand9796 and @cherylm have given great advice imho. Just summarizing:

  • Learn DOM manipulation and Events
  • Instead of watching tutorials read & apply code.

This approach is far more difficult, but the other approach is completely useless. Learn by understanding what the code is doing is much better.

I’d say, if you like tutorials, only watch one after tinkering yourself first.

One substantial knowledge of any Object Oriented Language is to understand that everything is an object, keep that in the back of your mind :slight_smile:

I guess one very simple project may start with a question:

  • What can I represent with each data type?

So you could write a small program, playing with each data type, methods and properties. This may not be that fun, but the payoff is good.

Another idea: read the code from other fellas here at FCC (or elsewhere!).


I feel you should try out Document Object Model (DOM) manipulation and event

where you click a buttons and you get a response

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For a set of small projects, this is pretty good, just JS/HTML/CSS, with a video for each one:

Still tutorials, but it’s very well done and if you push yourself through it you should end up with a good handle on a lot of the browser APIs you’ll be using a lot of (DOM manipulation for example).

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@Minsky @DanCouper @cherylm @ZeeCkel @anand9796
Alright, I’ll keep these in mind. Thanks for the help!

Im making A home budgeting tool where you enter your weekly, biweekly and monthly checks and bills into input fields and use js to add up totals, leftovers and reminders when bill are close to their due dates. I’ve understood more of the lessons bydoing It

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