What are some the best practices to help with Responsive Web Design Section

I just completed my first Responsive Web Design Project. I’ve been coding daily for hour everyday but I feel like I still don’t remember a lot of information. Would anyone be able to share with me some tricks or best practices they found that help them learn and remember. I’ve also been using w3schools and tutorialrepublic which have been helping a little.


First of all, welcome to the forum :grin:! I hope you learn a lot.

One thing that will help is teach others. In my case, I started to teach others what I knew (answering questions on forums), which made the concepts clearer. Of course, teaching has the added benefit of helping others :grin:.

In regards to tricks, well, internet is full of it xD. Jokes aside, I find useful what’s published on css-tricks.com. They’re always publishing little (sometimes not so little) tips about how to do things on CSS.

For the closing words: just keep practicing, you’ll get it :slight_smile:. Besides, as long as you have internet you’ll be able to read what you’re missing.

I hope it helps :slight_smile:,

Happy coding!


don’t try to remember, become a google-fu master! you will eventually notice you remember the stuff you use most often