What is the best study plan for learning Web front-end development in 2022?

Instead of watching video courses, i learn a lot faster and easily by googling examples and practicing it. Especially with the huge amount of tutorials online. But that’s the problem, there is too many, and apparently several are outdated, obsolete, or just doesn’t teach the best practice for the present. And there is several tools, as bootstrap, Laravel, WordPress, React, Angular, that might be redundant in some circumstances. For example, by learning PHP, i wouldn’t need to learn javascript deeply, right ? So, as a not so experienced self taught programmer just now diving in front-end, i’m afraid of spent too much time learning something i won’t use that much or at all.
What are some combinations of topics that you would recommend for me to get going for a least a couple of months ?
By the way, I’m mostly using HTML Tutorial for studying.

have you tried following the freeCodeCamp curriculum?

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No, i have no idea it exists. Thanks for the suggestion !

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