What is the difference between cloud computing and Web hosting?

Hi there,I will like to know the difference between cloud computing and web hosting.

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In general Cloud computing refers to all that service/infrastructure that is managed and shared across multiple resources.

For example if you buy some service from AWS, you are buying “cloud computing” services.

Web hosting is the practice of placing web pages onto a server and “host” them from there.
You can host them with AWS thus using one of their cloud service, or you can host it yourself on one of your PC.

So web hosting can be a cloud computing service.
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It surely will help,thanks.

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Cloud computing and web hosting can seem similar because these two types of services can have very similar kinds of setups and deliver a lot of the same results. However, there are some critical differences between cloud computing and web hosting services that have to do with the technical definition of each.

Web hosting is simply the process of offering remote location and maintenance for files and server space used to support web projects. cloud computing services involves the connection of clients to vendors through wireless or IP connected networks. In cloud computing, a client sends data to a vendor through an abstract network trajectory called “the cloud.” Data is then stored and maintained on remote servers owned and operated by the vendors.

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