What is the toughest part about getting a job?

Where is everyone getting hung up?

Is it…

  • Trouble even getting an interview?

  • The interview itself?

  • Knowing how to market yourself?

  • Something else entirely?

Love to hear everyone’s thoughts.

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  • First, the willingness to get doors shut in your face.
  • Second, building a respectable portfolio.
  • Third, recognizing that, while you may have mad skillz, you’re still a n00b when it comes to real-world developing in the context of that particular employer.
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The first 3 bullets describe where I am getting stuck finding a job.

  • Trouble getting the interview
  • The interview itself
  • Knowing how to market myself (I think this is related to the first bullet)

I recently had an interview for a Junior position and felt pretty confident going in. The initial interview consisted of me doing a take home code test. I finished the test and did well enough to land an in person interview. What happened next was the interviewer went over my code with me and questioned me on the technical definitions/functionality/purpose of certain sections and also on parts that could have been improved and/or refactored.

I fell short on the terms and definitions. I understand what I am doing but explaining it and remembering what everything is called is where I currently suffer. I was hugely disappointed in myself because this wasn’t beyond the scope of what I could do and lost the opportunity because the employer wanted someone who they did not need to mentor upon hire.

Staying focused, not getting overwhelmed with the information online, having the confidence to go and grab the bull by the horns again and again.

ouch, yes the tech definitions get me too! But you’ll ace it next time!

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