What programming to choose and learn

I’m an electronic hobbyist and I see there are a lot programming languages to learn. I am interested in embedding code to RPI or arduino or any small open hardware small computers.
Any advice to what language to learn for the type of platform and problems I’m trying to solve.

Go for C, and Linux (I suggest CentOS).

Thanks NULL_dev!
Any resources or links you can suggest?

If you ask me, I think C is easy enough to start using free online tutorials. It needs just some time for people to start thinking like a CPU, rather a human. C is great, plain and simple.

There are many online free resources for learning C topic, even some universities and colleges provide some article about it, just have some search and find the one you like.

There are even online C compilers which are good enough for starting, but soon you need your own local C compiler and environment.

But I admit starting C using a great book (I suggest Dennis Ritchie The C Programming book, or detail and details, or any publisher you like…) could be fun and good too.

Either way you go, remember at first things are a little scary, but if you be patient and hard working everything will be very easy. YES.

CentOS is free also, you may install it as a virtual (suggested), or install it as primary OS on your system(please try it by virtual)

Keep goin on great work, happy programming.

Great info. Thanks again NULL_dev