What skills level or project Should I get done for remote JS job

What are the skills required in market,
or what are the projects that can be a little guarentee for a job’s as remote,

I want me to level up my skills, and level up my confidence, but the job description is all about 2+ years of experience for the remote job at the very least.

so I want to know where should I stand or what exams or what portfolio shoul I have to get me hired,

yes experience talks over the projects done or over the knowledge I can have just practicing tutorials and etc,

but I am talking about the calculative approach , meassurements to assure myself to have me confident for applying as well as a perspection for my resume to get a chance to be interviewed,

I would like to see some of the resume or some projects to get done as practive and technologies with the skill from 1- 10 ratings , just to identify the depth level of experience.

All int the context of full stack javascript Engineer.

Is there a particular stack that you’re using? What libraries are you comfortable with on backend and frontend?

I am a quick learner, I do avoid learning HTML CSS and DOM work
but I enjoyed state managment , API integrations with RTK and NODE APIs with Mongo as well as PSQL
I have 1 year experience in it , and just willing to start Docker, Ramda,
my Senior even one of the top dev didn’t knew about Ramda.js
so I want to get on the level of experience required internationally specially in Silicon Valley with the minimum time to look arround and try different un necessary things to put my Energy and time with.

I want to grip the MERN and then will be working with Amazon automation or Blockchain,

I don’t understand how this line:

I do avoid learning HTML CSS and DOM work

and this:

I want to grip the MERN

coexist. To learn React, you have to learn HTML and CSS. Maybe you don’t do DOM manipulation, but the other two absolutely required.

I would focus on one thing at a time. Get really good at one thing. The MERN stack is a good place to start. The FCC curriculum gives you the basis of that. I would start there. Once you get that, just start building things - the problems you run into will tell you what to learn next. If I am interviewing a React developer, I expect them to also be comfortable with Redux, Redux Thunk (and/or Saga), React Router, etc. It would also me good to toy a little with React Native - for very little extra learning you open up a whole new platform.

For the backend, it speaks for itself. I’d also so recommend getting some kind of SQL experience, too.

I can’t help you with the others, but again, take it one thing (or a cluster of a few interlocking things) at a time.

Just learn and build things. Learn something new and build something that uses it. Build something new and use that as an excuse to learn something new. There is no magic path - there is just building and learning.

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I do HTML Css , but I don’t put too effort in it, as they don’t appeal me ,
but also I am good at Redux toolkit, RTK also at SQL.

and but yeah I am thankful for your time and support you guys are pretty great at it, I do work with the FCC challenges in free time and practice some others too.

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