What the difference between programmer and engineer?


As i mention in the title, can you explain the difference?
Also, Does an softwer engineer often works in Web Development?
I have looked in the content of the challenges and i’ve notice that we need to create algorithms.
Do i need to have high mathematics skills?

As i’ve just started the camp, and i study political sciene in addition to full time job, is this filed is somthing i can realy learn? or that in some point i will need to learn external topics? such as math?

I’m realy like coding, but from your expirience maybe this course is difficult?
would you recommend this for me or should its best for me to study python insted (or both?)
Pyton is also somthing i want to learn, but i think i should focus on one thing…


Some discussion of this here:

You can never be too good at math, and you’ll never know when you’d need it. Data visualizations can be pretty math heavy. As a PoliSci student, that’d be a pretty cool addition to your tool belt. But math isn’t going to help much with the algorithm challenges here.



thank you for your reply :smile: